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Early childhood developmental dance, movement and fitness program Franchise

Curriculum based franchises can be a huge financial boost to the investors. This not only benefits the person who runs our franchise but also has a huge upside for the kids as well. Our franchise is a good option for those investors who are looking to start off with a small capital and still see a sizeable profit. Kinderdance is a dance, motor development, gymnastics and fitness program that combines academic skills with activities specially designed to enhance the learning experience. These programs are designed for kids of age 2-12 and are incorporated in their curriculum.

Kids dance and fitness programs

As a leader in early childhood developmental dance, movement and fitness programs, the quality of our programs and business systems earns us our “world class reputation”. Childhood development program Franchise are on a gradual rise in a country like India due to the large number of schools ready to add to their “curriculum” and adopt new methods of teaching. This time spent with the kids helps expand their minds and boosts creativity. These programs are highly supported by the parents as well, because they themselves are aware of the positives a course like this has to offer in terms of the future of their kid.

" Take control of your future and your career by enriching the lives of young children. Become a Kinderdance franchisee and make a difference! "

Getting Started

Since a Kinderdance® franchise does not require real estate, construction or a large capital investment, you should actually be in business within a short time after completing your training at Kinderdance® Headquarters.

Additional Benefits

You have the exclusive rights (with other Kinderdance® franchisees) to use our copyrighted and trademark protected procedures, routines, marketing techniques, music, and other proprietary information so long as you are an authorized Kinderdance® franchisee in good standing.

We are looking for people who have

  • High energy with the ability to multi task
  • An interest in Children Services
  • Are physically active
  • Experience in Sales and Marketing is always a plus

How To Start a Kinderdance

Kinderdance® Territory - All levels are awarded a marketing area consisting of approximately 400,000 in population and approximately 250 - 400 marketing locations. There are three choices with Kinderdance®.


A Bronze Level franchise territory is designed for the person who wants to teach all the classes by themselves on a part-time or full time basis.


A Silver Level franchise territory is designed for people who want to  teach  the Kinderdance® programs themselves or with teachers on a full time basis.


A Gold Level franchise territory is designed for a motivated, financially qualified person who wants to manage an exclusive territory and unlimited teaching locations  and who may or may not teach the program themselves.

Kinderdance® Franchise Fee

Franchise fees are commensurate with your level of involvement

Franchise Level Franchise Fee Royalty Exclusive Location
Bronze 1,50,000 10% 10 Site Maximum*
Silver 2,00,000 8 - 10% 20 Site Maximum*
Gold 8,00,000 7 - 9% Unlimited

Request For Franchise

Early childhood development shows that for every child :

Frequently Asked Questions

It Sounds Great!!! What if I have more questions?
Fill out the above 'Request Info Franchise Package' Form or call us at +91 80 411 DANCE (+91 80 41132623). This does not obligate you in any way. It only provides us with information we need to proceed.
What kind of studio or office does a Kinderdance® franchise require?
None. You operate a home-managed business and take the Dance, Motor Development, Gymnastics and Fitness Programs to the children. There is no need for a Kinderdance® studio. Our program is designed to be an integral part of the preschooler's school day. Your home is your office and you take the Kinderdance® programs to different locations every day.
How can I be sure it will work in my community?
It works everywhere if our plan is followed. We recommend that you do NOT contact child care centers and other locations in your community until you have been through your training at Kinderdance Corp. We will tell you exactly how to approach your customer to insure success!
Will demand for Kinderdance® continue?
Yes! There are more children than ever enrolled in childcare centers and numerous other viable locations. Caring parents are creating an even greater demand for the Kinderdance® Programs.
How does Kinderdance® fit into this picture?
Day care centers, Preschools, and numerous other viable locations are constantly searching for quality programs that can help them attract demanding parents. Kinderdance® fills everyone's need for year-round, high quality, moderately priced dance, gymnastics, motor development, and fitness programs.
How do I make money?
You actually have numerous revenue streams. The first six are comprised of our six different and distinct quality programs (Kinderdance®, Kindertots®, Kindergym®, Kindercombo®, Kinder "Dance with Me"® and Kindermotion®). You can provide instruction in all Kinderdance programs to children at childcare centers, preschools and numerous other viable locations in your area. In addition, you can offer a KD Kids Yoga program, Kamp Kinderdance, and Kinderdance & Kindergym Birthday Parties.
Is there any other means of income?
Yes! Opportunity #7. Kinderdance® dancewear, gym wear, costumes, and numerous other items and supplies can be purchased from us for re-sale to your customers.
What do I get for my Franchise Fee!!?
Support, training, supplies, and all the follow-up you need to succeed
SUPPORT:  Kinderdance® support also stays with you as you run your franchise. Continuing education conferences are held once a year to sharpen your teaching and business skills while keeping you abreast of current teaching materials and methods. Our quarterly "Kinderdance® Continuing Education Newsletter" provides timely teaching and business updates, as do our special news flashes. Additionally, our complete office staff is available at our toll free 800 number to assist you in any procedure or operating problem that you may encounter.
How much business management experience do I need?
Because of our partnership with dance studio software provider ClassJuggler, managing your business couldn't be easier! ClassJuggler’s software makes it easy to handle all your class scheduling, student records management, customer registration, contract school management, financial bookkeeping, and financials reporting – and all online for access anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, we’ve negotiated a substantial ClassJuggler rate discount, available only to our franchisees. Learn more. This is optional in India
Where do I stay during training?
All living & staying expenses are taken care by yourself. We will guide to a neat & safe place which is closer to the training location.
What about training?
Kinderdance® starts by teaching its franchisees and teachers. Dance, motor development, gymnastics, creative movement, fitness, education, and fun are the building blocks of Kinderdance®. At our franchisee training course, you learn not only how to use our programs, but also why they work so well with children.